Per session fee is $250, each session is 50 minutes.
Some need-based sliding-scale is available.
I am an Out Of Network Provider.


My services are rendered and charged to the client. Clients must pay the full fee for services out-of-pocket, later to seek their own reimbursement.  It is your responsibility to verify the specifics of your coverage and submit the claim. I do not share information directly with third-party payers.

If you have health insurance, this must include some form of coverage for mental health services. You may need authorization through your primary care physician, or use an in-network provider to get full benefits. Your insurance may or may NOT cover services of out-of-network providers. Beyond this, not all issues or conditions, which are the focus of psychotherapy, are reimbursed by insurance companies.

If you wish, I can provide you with a monthly superbill, which has the medical coding information needed to submit this information to your insurance company.


Call Member Services and ask specifically about your benefits:
What is the reimbursement rate for psychotherapy for an Out of Network provider? What is the copay or deductible? How do you establish authorization? Where shall I send my claims?