Sarah and I have worked throughout our practices supporting parents, parents-to-be and people longing to be parents. Sarah takes a holistic, somatic and expressive approach to wellness, as needed, she integrates her knowledge of health and nutrition. She is a warm and wonderful resource, helping navigate pregnancy and postpartum. Please see her information on PPD.

The peripartum months: before, and especially after, a birth are fairly loaded. We believe in normalizing the transition, with its wonders and its difficulties, of bringing a baby into the family. Of particular importance is helping mothers navigate the pregnancy, birthing and early attachment. It is a full-scale change of the body, one’s identity, the partnering relationship, and the family. Pregnancy stirs up emotions, by its physiology and its existential implications. Birth can be particularly emotional after loss, traumatic for some.

We aim to facilitate a deeper understanding of the importance of self-care, while supporting the delicate relationship between a mother and her baby.  Our mission is to help clients find a fulfilling balance of emotional, spiritual, and physical health while caring for and bonding with their newborn or infant. 

Fertility and Pregnancy Loss

Where there have been health difficulties, fertility challenges or pregnancy loss, we offer support and understanding. We are not medical professionals, but we work in tandem with health professionals, ob/gyns, midwives and doulas to support you. This can be a long road, with themes of grief and hope. Its often hard to talk about – our social media and community would rather celebrate pregnancies and births. So, many women don’t talk about it with friends, family or partner. You don’t need to get through this alone.