filoli 2006 017Psychotherapy is a path toward wellness and balance, determined by the client and guided by a mental health professional. It includes talking with a therapist, either directly or symbolically about the experiences of the client. Art, music, dance, play and the spoken word (among others) are all forms of expression used by therapists to understand the internal world of a client, and facilitate transformation.

Therapists use different means to guide clients. Most pick their techniques based on their own professional identity and experience, and match these to the client’s concerns, personal style and preferences.  Therapy requires courage and trust on the part of the client. It requires skill, presence and understanding on the part of therapist. Professional, licensed therapists are bound by ethics and laws that protect client confidentiality and support their greater good.

More About Therapy

Being in therapy is no guarantee that life will be peachy; that your sweetie will bring you flowers, that suddenly you’ll be able to manage your domineering boss, that your nightmares will end, or that your child will start behaving. It will not provide immediate relief from your worries, anxiety or depression. It will not magically fix your partnership or rewrite your history.

Sorry. Better to dispel these myths right now.
We’re not magicians, we’re therapists.

On the other hand, these things are possible. And, with some patience, some support, some skills and a fresh perspective you can re-create your life. My belief is that therapy has to do with the relationship between the client and the therapist. As a client, you choose to trust a perfect stranger with your secrets and worries. It’s not easy.

Together we sort-through, filter, interpret, debunk, demystify and deconstruct.
We clarify and understand what’s Past and what’s Present,
so you can determine what’s Next.

To bring positive change to your life, you must to be willing to be uncomfortable and try something new. The goal of therapy is to support you through the hard part of practicing healthier ways of being in the world, providing you tools and care. As a client, the actual journey is up to you.