If you are interested in being supervised by me, this information is for you:

I am currently offering off-site supervision for graduate student and post-masters interns. I am licensed by the BBS and qualified to supervise Associate Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapist Interns. I stay current with my supervision CEUs so I can sign off your hours toward licensure.

I am very chosey with who I supervise. As my intern, your work happens under my license and affects my relationships in our East Bay community. I screen candidates thoroughly, because I care deeply.

Blueberries in my garden

Blueberries in my garden

My goal for pre-licensure supervisees is two-fold: Clinical Excellence and Developing Your Own Professional Persona. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have work hard, be willing to learn, and stay attuned.

As you build your clinical skills, you are also building confidence as a new professional in the mental health field. You should be exploring, researching and integrating. You should be asking yourself difficult questions and doing your own inner work as you work with clients. Your supervision should reflect this and be tailored to you as a person and as a growing professional.

As every good social worker knows: Where ever you are, that’s where we start. Now, where do you want to take your professional life? We create a plan to help you move forward — to build a niche practice with depth, to specialize in certain themes or populations, or to angle for your dream job. IMG_7853 (2) - Copy - Copy

My job as I see it, is to guide you — amplify your strengths, support you through your anxious moments and help you develop an inner sense of this work while becoming more skilled on your road toward licensure.

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