As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS22201), I believe deeply in social justice, the intrinsic worth of each individual, and the value of human relationships to encourage healthy lives, happy families and thriving communities.

I began Piedmont Psychotherapy in 2004, as a part-time psychotherapy practice while working full-time for a local agency, doing bilingual family therapy and crisis management. Through my graduate years and beyond, I have been fortunate to work for well-reputed organizations in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest. I have had wonderful mentorship from community leaders, social workers and marriage and family therapists. Each of them encouraged my professional curiosity and supported my clinical development.



Many of my clients suffer from depression or anxiety, trauma or relationship difficulties. Most have been in therapy before. Most are making tough transitions. Some are wounded healers, some are desperate parents, teens feeling lost, twenty-somethings feeling worried, or grown ups reluctantly stuck at the crossroads of “adulting” with only outdated skills to help them move forward.

I am particularly interested in: Guiding my clients to find their own “right” path, trust their instincts and live a more creative and joyful life; Encouraging parents to find a healthy and sustainable balance between person-hood, parenthood and partnership; Supporting kids to heal relationships with their parents and make healthy decisions for themselves; Nurturing soon-to-be and new mothers and their partners, through peripartum transitions; and, Emboldening and supporting entrepreneurs in the healing and helping professions.

As a specialty, I provide consultation and therapy for therapists and other helping professionals, working in private practice and in larger settings. It takes balance, perspective and humor to manage the stresses of doing deep work with clients, within flawed systems, while remaining emotionally healthy.  It takes good self-care, self-reflection and strong support to do this work — and remember why we chose this work. 



My PortraitI have been a clinical supervisor for most of my time in private practice. It’s allowed me to build a network of helping, caring, competent professionals who understand this work. They have become my trusted colleagues, fanned out among county and non-profit agencies, private practice, schools, and the medical field. They do case management, psychotherapy, play therapy, psychiatric social work, addictions and rehabilitation, crisis response, community based, bilingual/bicultural work — the list goes on.

At this time, I’m accepting interns only as an Off-Site Clinical Supervisor, not directly as my employees in my private practice. I also facilitate a group consultation for a select few clinicians in the early years of their private practice.

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