If you need someone to help you clarify what kind of therapist you are looking for, based on what issues you are facing, where you live or what hasn’t worked in the past… Call and maybe I can help.

I encourage you to shop around for the right therapist. You should know that even if I am NOT the right therapist for you,  I might be able to help you find someone who might be a better fit. This is someone with whom you will be sharing your challenges and vulnerabilities — this is a big deal.   You might also look at the section Ask Jen, Shopping for a Therapist.”

Please access the drop-down menu to see a list of recommended clinicians. I have worked with these women and have great respect for their work. Several of them were my interns over the years, and I am proud to count them as my trusted colleagues now.

The clinicians listed here are not a part of Piedmont Psychotherapy. They are independent professionals who provide services through their own private practices in the local Bay Area.