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Cassidy Smith

As Cassidy works with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, family conflict, and sexual orientation, among other things, she strives to be client-centered and engaged.  She has discovered that profound change can come from a healing relationship and strives to, therefore, utilize herself to offer clients not merely interpretations, but also a corrective experience. 

Cassidy’s areas of expertise include working with teens and adults to find their place in the world and navigate their relationships. Beyond this, she presents to therapists, parents and teachers around the politics of sexuality, sexual assault and consent, with presentations on self-esteem, body image and sexuality rooted in clinical theory. Most recently, she presented her findings at the “San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group.”

An integrative therapist, Cassidy Smith draws from several different therapeutic modalities to tailor her approach to her clients’ needs.  As someone with a background in English literature, she is also particularly interested in Narrative Therapy as she views her role as something of an editor; she works with her clients to help them analyze their stories and to pay close attention to perspective, diction, and meaning-making. She believes that people can overcome anxiety and bolster their self-confidence when they are able to view their stories in ways that promote curiosity and self-acceptance rather than judgment and disdain. 

Cassidy began her psychology studies at The Wright Institute where she obtained an M.A. in Counseling Psychology.  In conjunction with her studies, she received training at Piedmont High School where she served as a therapist trainee.  

Cassidy holds a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies with an emphasis in English literature from Smith College and a master’s degree in English literature from Mills College.  Moreover, she has taught English literature at an independent high school in the East Bay and college writing in San Francisco and believes these experiences have given her a skill set that directly translates to her current work as a therapist. She has a unique understanding of academic pressures, teachers’ challenges, and the therapeutic benefits of narrative storytelling.

Cassidy is a Marriage and Family Therapist (#Pending) who provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families through Piedmont Psychotherapy in Oakland, and at her office in San Francisco. Please call her to set up an appointment.

To contact Cassidy directly: 510.982.6189