Lena Glaser, MFT Intern

Lena Nathanson, MFT

“If you do not change direction,
you may end up where you are headed.”  – Lao Tzu

 Here you are, ready to change directions, one step at a time, to find a path towards greater ease, health and joy for yourself or a loved one.  Finding a good therapist is an excellent step in that direction.

 I believe that we human beings have a built-in drive towards health and healing.  When our well-being is challenged or threatened, we develop coping and survival strategies that sometimes take us in a direction we are happy with.  Other times, the challenges are overwhelming and or it becomes clear that some of our approaches are not bringing us the quality of life we want, and we are ready for more.  At these times, I help adults and children to find new ways to thrive, even amidst life’s challenges.

 Therapy is not having to go it alone, but figuring it out, one step at a time, together.

What is your approach?

I believe in doing what works.  Mental health research has shown that different approaches work for different people.  Drawing from that research and my clinical experience, I enjoy efficiently finding just the right combination of support, insight and practical strategies for each person or couple I work with.  I have training in multiple approaches, and I give great care and thought to how I work with each client.   In my experience, I am able to know fairly quickly what approaches might help, and if I feel my approaches are not the right fit, I will help a client find a therapist who is a better match.

 Therapy is an opportunity to figure out what works for you so that you can take that knowledge and those skills with you into life outside of therapy. I work in collaborative and creative ways, meaning we combine your expertise about yourself and your wise instincts about what is right for you, with my expertise about mental health to come up with practical, manageable steps to try. In my experience people feel better faster when they implement doable (one step at a time!) changes outside of therapy.  I am a fairly “active” therapist.  I tend to be fairly engaged during sessions, meaning that I ask questions, invite and offer feedback and make concrete suggestions.

What ages do you work with?

I work with both adults and children.

What are your credentials?

I hold two Masters Degrees – a Masters degree from U.C. Berkeley in Sociology and a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute.  I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, currently working independently in  Lafayette.

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