A Home Within is the only national non-profit dedicated solely to meeting the emotional needs of foster youth. 

Carefully-vetted volunteer therapists are paired with foster youth and adults with a history of foster care, for long term individual therapy. There are over 20 chapters in 11 states, serving approximately 500 foster youth. AHW has local chapters in the East Bay and San Francisco.  Jen Valera serves as a clinical group facilitator. 

If you are a licensed psychotherapist, please consider donating one hour per week of teletherapy to a foster youth. All clinicians receive ongoing clinical consultation and support, as well as access to workshops on related clinical themes. 

If you are a seasoned clinician with a firm grasp of child and adolescent psychotherapy, along with professional experience in attachment, developmental and trauma-informed practice, please consider donating your time as a clinical group facilitator to support AHW therapists. 

If you wish to request services for yourself or a foster youth, please follow the link below. A Home Within