Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Providing Psychotherapy Services for
Adults, Adolescents, Partners & Families
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I believe therapy is best when it is conversational and collaborative. Every individual deserves a place to process their issues and struggles in a safe space. I practice an intersectional and client-centered approach and rely on humor and insight to co-create a therapeutic relationship with my clients. When we are able to trust, we can be vulnerable and accepting of ourselves and our imperfections. On the flipside, this empowers us to evolve and lead, accepting the challenges of being in relationships and community. How we adapt to life challenges and understand ourselves helps us to move towards our own happiness and balance.


POC, LGBTQ and first-generation immigrants: ally-ship, using the lenses of social justice and intersectionality.
Adolescents and young adults: struggling with themes of individuation, school and early-career transitions, partnering and family stress.

Relationships: processing relational partnership dynamics, dating and mating, making peace with families of origin
Parenting: parent-child dynamics, difficult pregnancy, post-partum transitions, parenting medically-fragile and special-needs children
Wellness: recovery from health issues, addressing compassion fatigue and burnout in the workplace, reduction and management of stress

I provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.


I was raised in the midwest by parents who immigrated from India. In my personal life and career, I have often found myself moving across communities while navigating racial, cultural and economic identities. My professional experience has always centered on helping people overcome personal traumas. I am an active listener and direct communicator, passionate about helping my clients achieve resilience and lasting wellness. My deep loves include my family, friends and community, and I can never get enough of trying spicy new recipes, crafting trends, and taking my dog Bean for a walk. Currently I have masters in social work with a concentration in children, youth and family.

I welcome adults, adolescents, partners and families into my practice.