Psychotherapy Services for Teens & Adults
Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Therapy is an investment of time and trust. I don’t take that lightly. True life-changing therapy requires vulnerability, and in this case, a willingness to voice what can feel unspeakable to a near-stranger.

When things seem senseless, absurd and unfair, I’m wondering about how you take care of yourself, how you move through the world, who you love, and what’s important to you. I’m curious to know what patterns you have that work for you, and which ones limit you. I’d like to hear what you imagine for yourself, and what inspires you. I’d like to hear your story.

This sort of experience may not be for everyone. I think carefully with my clients about what they hope to find in therapy and assess if I can be helpful. It’s not easy, but it can be rewarding.

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