Don’t you wish you could smooth the road for your child, no matter the challenge they face?

As a parent, I understand that feeling – the deep love that motivates us to want to give our children the best, happiest life possible and the heartache when we see them struggle.  There is no one as important to your child as you are, and there are times when reaching out for additional help in the form of therapy can be: 

  • a tremendous gift to your child’s well-being,
  • can help you feel more confident and joyful in your parenting and 
  • can bring peace to your family.  

Childhood therapy is an investment whose benefits last far into a child’s and a family’s future.  I specialize in ages 6 – 14, using talk, play and art therapy, adjunct family therapy and support for parents as needed.  Every child’s unique temperament and development combine with stressors such as:

  • learning challenges
  • divorce
  • bereavement
  • sibling rivalry
  • exposure to addiction in the family or
  • social challenges.

Kids who need therapy are usually suffering or insufferable, or both.  Physical, emotional or academic symptoms manifest when a child or a family’s coping abilities are over-stressed. At such times, professional support can improve and resolve these symptoms before they become a lifetime struggle.  

I believe in teamwork approaches and happily collaborate with pediatricians, teachers, educational therapists, psychiatrists or other important providers in your child’s life.  I originally set out to be a therapist for grown-ups, but luckily, my kids convinced me that I should also be a “kid therapist.”  (Kids can be very convincing, no?)  I have worked as a therapist in the Oakland Unified School District, the Lafayette School District and have particular experience working with children dealing with illness and bereavement.  

Lena Glaser, MFT Intern
phone (925) 297-5157