paint 053What can you do in Ten?

Ten Minutes is time enough to take a break.
To breathe. To stretch.
To catch up on current events.
To shoot an email to a loved one.
Or make a phone call.

What else can you do in Ten?

Educate yourself.
Read a thought-provoking quote.
Donate to a worthy organization.
Contribute to a blog.
Participate in a community forum.

Help Someone.

Your time, your energy and your resources would be appreciated.  What follows is a list of worthy local charities that you might consider lending a helping hand. Some appreciate volunteers in the office or programming help in the community, others could use office supplies, teaching resources or hand-me-downs.

Do the right thing. Help people who are out there helping other people. Get  your hands dirty. Appreciate what you’ve got by helping someone who doesn’t…

To add to this list, email me at